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Feedback is very important.  Every year I try out a few new recipes, and only the best make it into the tins at the end of the year.  Because I cannot keep adding new additions without removing some, I need to know what everyone likes best.

For everyone who submits a vote for their favourite cookie(s), their name will be placed in a draw for a free deluxe cookie tin.  The draw will be held on July 1st of each year and the winner will receive their prize by Christmas.

Thank you for your feedback!


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Vote for your favourite cookie by identifying which ones you liked best, second best, etc. for as many as you wish.  Identify those you did not really care for by adding a zero.

Thank you!

 Pecan Crescents
 Sugar Cookies
 Cherry Almond Crisps
 Scottish Shortbread
 Scotch Cakes
 Mrs. Field's White Chocolate Chip (with macadamia nut)
 Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip (with pecans)
 Peanut Butter Cookies
 Hazelnut Shortbread
 Raspberry Linzer
 Toasted Almond Butter Thins
 Spice Cookies
 Cherry Balls
 Lemon Pistachio Buttercream
 Double Chocolate
 Oatmeal Raisin
 Raspberry Pinwheel
 Scandanavian Almond Bar
 Lemon Shortbread
 Brown Sugar Fudge
 Chocolate Fudge
 Dream Squares
 Magic Coconut Squares
 Marshmallow Butter Squares
 Hazelnut Torte
 Cocoa Brownie
 English Toffee Bars
 Butterscotch Squares
 Chocolate Dainty
 Peanut Butter Ball
 Rum Ball
 Mahogany Buttercrunch
 Peanut Cluster
 Lemon Bars
 Raspberry Bars
 Blueberry Bars

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